How would you like to have a serial killer on your County Grand Jury … hmmm?

Brace yourself, for it happens in newly released Grand Jury Thriller, “Checkmate”,  by author Michael Pinchot, who was, in fact, Alternate Juror No. 2 on the subject Orange County, California’s, 2014-15 Grand Jury.


 Retired Doctor of Physics Frank Somers, credited with eight murder-rapes to date under the DA assigned moniker “Checkmate”, laughed aloud as he turned away from his home-office computer, after studying the application requirements for the Orange County Grand Jury.

With empty wine glass in hand, he mocks aloud the County’s highly touted vetting process as he moved toward his wet-bar for a refill.

“Finger prints required … of course, of course … but no DNA swab … what a fucking joke.”