Video and Book Photo Preview

[nivo effect=”slideInLeft” slices=”15″ animSpeed=”2150″ pauseTime=”5375″ directionNav=”button” controlNav=”true” width=”400″ height=”600″] [image caption=”WEDDING BELLS April 19, 1945, At the Pinchot Park Avenue, New York, apartment; Mary Pinchot and Cord Meyer, Jr. were twenty-four and seemed perfect for each other.”][/image] [image caption=”VIEW OF CRIME SCENE View of the C&O Canal towpath that the witnesses to Mary’s murder had from 4401 Canal Road, where the mysterious disappearing Nash Rambler was stalled.”][/image] [image caption=”“THE LOVELIEST WOMEN IN AMERICA” ROSAMOND PINCHOT “The Loveliest Woman in America: A Tragic Actress, Her Lost Diaries, and Her Granddaughter’s Search for Home”, by Gaston, Bibi (2009), HarperCollins.”][/image] [image caption=”SISTERS MARY (r) and ANTOINETTE “TONY” (l) PINCHOT Socialite daughters of Amos and Ruth Pinchot were 1929 advocates of Cream of Wheat.”][/image] [image caption=”Mary’s Mother RUTH PICKERING PINCHOT (6-20-1893 New York ~ 12-24-1984 New York) Daughter of wealthy businessman, Vassar Graduate, journalist of The Masses, The Nation, New Republic, and very active in the labor movement and women’s suffrage.”][/image] [image caption=”ROSAMOND PINCHOT (10-26-1904 ~ 1-24-1938) Rosamond Pinchot was Mary Pinchot’s half sister by her father’s first marriage to Gertrude Minturn Pinchot; she was a socialite, stage and screen actress. Rosamond took her own life by carbon monoxide poisoning.”][/image] [image caption=”VIEW OF CRIME SCENE Washington DC resident Ray Crump, the alleged murdered of Mary Pinchot-Meyer.”][/image] [image caption=”NORMA JEANE MORTENSON (AKA, MARILYN MONROE) (6-1-1926, Los Angeles, CA ~ 8-5-1962, Brentwood, CA) Alleged suicide by Barbiturate overdose. John and Robert Kennedy have been at the center of one of several conspiracy theories surrounding her death.”][/image] [image caption=”MURDER IN GEORGETOWN The crime scene on the C&O Canal towpath within thirty minutes after the murder of Mary Pinchot-Meyer on October, 12, 1964.”][/image] [image caption=”Mr. & Mrs. Aristotle Onassis Wedding Bells November-11-1968 Ari and Jackie were married on his private Greek island of Scorpios; the newlyweds are shown seated at the reception held aboard his private yacht Christina O immediately following the wedding. Arguably, her marriage to Aristotle was the biggest mistakes in her life.”][/image] [image caption=”MODEL, MARY PINCHOT With Vogue As a glamorous New York debutante, in 1938″][/image] [image caption=”MICHAEL PINCHOT MEYER Michael’s gravestone at the Pinchot family plot in the Milford, Pennsylvania, Cemetery; he lies next to his mother Mary Pinchot Meyer.”][/image] [image caption=”MARY PINCHOT-MEYER Mary Pinchot-Meyer at President Kennedy’s 46th birthday party on May 19, 1963, aboard the presidential yacht Sequoia”][/image] [image caption=”MARY PINCHOT-MEYER As CIA wife and mother”][/image] [image caption=”MARY PINCHOT-MEYER ABSTRACT – CARICATURE PAINTING Abstract-caricature painting of Mary Pinchot-Meyer by famous German artist Johanna Vogelsang (6-18-1929 ~ 12-1-1911).”][/image] [image caption=”MARY ENO PINCHOT Vassar Class of 1942 In her 1998 biography on Mary, A Very Private Women, Nina Burleigh wrote, “Mary Pinchot-Meyer was an enigmatic woman in life, and in death her real personality lurks just out of view.””][/image] [image caption=”Mary’s Uncle GIFFORD PINCHOT Yale graduate, member and senior year president of the Skull & Bones Society. Two time governor of Pennsylvania, 1923-27 and 1931-35. 4th Chief of Forestry, 1898-1905, under William McKinley, and Theodore Roosevelt, and 1st Chief of the United States Forest Service (founder), 1905-10, under Theodore Roosevelt, and Howard Taft.”]’s-Uncle-GIFFORD-PINCHO.png[/image] [image caption=”MARY & JACK’S SPLIT PENDANTS Mary’s design sketch of her and Jack’s split pendant necklaces. An Italian jeweler crafted the pendants from this sketch.”]’S-SPLIT-PENDANT.png[/image] [image caption=”James Jesus Angleton (12-9-1917, Boise ID ~ 5-12-1987 Washington, DC) CIA Counter Intelligence Chief, James Angleton led the illegal entry into Mary’s home to confiscate her tell-all diary.”][/image] [image caption=”“CHRISTINA O” Anchored in port of Aristotle Onassis’ private Greek island of Scorpios is his 325 foot yacht Christina O.”]“CHRISTINA-O”.png[/image] [/nivo]

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