Panamanian Tundra

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The Reagan-Bush Just Say No drug prevention program has plummeted Panamanian General Manuel Noriega’s CIA shared drug profits to a personal threatening low. The dictator launches an operation to establish a northern drug trafficking route, exclusive of the CIA, in order to provide funds necessary to sustain his military dictatorship.

Mike Majors, an American street wise engineering consultant, is coerced into the operation due to his made to order involvement on a petroleum project triangulating Louisiana’s Cajun country, Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay, and Panama.

Panamanian intelligence agent Evangelista Alcantara, a former Miss Panama, is charged with sexually entrapping Majors, happily married with three children, into Tundra’s web. Between Majors, the CIA, the Vatican, the White House boiler-room, and, surprisingly Evangelista, Noriega and Bush get more than they bargained for.

Michael draws from an extensive career in the global engineering-construction field, a lust for intrigue, a patriotic distrust of government and journalistic agendas, and a hyperactive imagination.

He and his wife, Diana, reside in Anaheim Hills California where they spend many enjoyable hours with their three children, their spouses and five spirited grandchildren.

PANAMANIAN TUNDRA, his second book, was, initially, a means of journalizing his own actual traumatic coerced involvement in an international operation.

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