Chapters 1-2

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Truth To Power

The Pope Has No Clothes


Michael Pinchot

Copyright © 1999

By Michael Pinchot


All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced

in any form without written permission from the author.


Scripture taken from the NEW AMERICAN STANDARD BIBLE,

 Copyright The Lockman Foundation 1960, 62, 63, 68, 71, 72, 73, 75, 77, 95,

used by permission


Material taken from THE RYRIE STUDY BIBLE 1986, 1995

By The Moody Bible Institute, used by permission (pending).


Material taken from THE CATHOLIC MYTH and THE MARY MYTH, 1990

By Andrew Greeley Enterprises, used by permission (pending).



 by DALE M.PRESLEY 1997, used by permission.


Published by:

1st Books Publishing Co.

First edition 2000

Cover: by author

ISBN: 1-58500-976-8




My Mother


The most positive influence in my life

My Grandson


Who forever changed my understanding

of the word courage.

* * *

In Memory Of

My Father


My Brother


My Niece


Table of Contents







1—“Seven Letters”, An Introduction

2—“Seven Churches” Time-Line

3—Scriptural Litmus Testing

4—Peter/The Rock/Papal Infallibility


6—Confession To Priest

7—Categorizing Sin, Mortal/Venial


9—Baby Baptism

10—Prayers For The Dead

11—Vatican II




One can only pray that the reader approaches and views this spiritual literary endeavor in the same spirit in which it was written, with an open and understanding mind to the written Word of God.

Although this work focuses specifically on Roman Catholic Church doctrine and dogma as it relates to God’s written Word, the same Scriptural litmus test could be made, to one degree or another, against any and all churches within the recognized spectrum of Christianity.

One asks, then, why Catholicism? The impetus of the answer lay in “Christ’s letters to the churches” (Revelation 2&3) in which lay the evolutionary roots of Christianity and, of course, Catholicism.

One of the common threads, or challenges, woven through all “seven letters” is one of individual responsibility. Christ, on judgment day, will hold each individual responsible for his or her beliefs and practices—NOT the church to which one claims membership.



 Author’s Spiritual Biography

A pre-Pearl Harbor, World War II baby boomer, Michael is a product of a strong, traditional, mid-western, blue collar, French-Danish-Irish, Catholic family. His grandmother Severson spent over two years sequestered in an up-state New York convent in a fruitless pursuit to become a Catholic nun.

Baptized a Catholic within days of his Sioux City, Iowa birth, Mike received Holy Communion and was Confirmed before moving to California. He was educated within the parochial school system, served as an altar boy and was an active Boy Scout and athlete.

Mike and his wife Diana, nee Bouchard, graduated together from Mater Dei Catholic High School of Orange County, California. They raised three children, all products of parochial school, and, to date, have been blessed with five grandchildren.

In his journey through adulthood, Mike’s commitment to Catholicism was a stereotypical ebb and flow of a born-and-raised Catholic.

With a probing thread of “why” genetically woven tightly into the very fabric of his character, Mike instinctively embarked on a mid-life, decade-long inquisition weighing the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church against that of the written Word of God.

As the years passed, his research broadened and intensified, as did his prayers to the Holy Spirit for wisdom, strength and guidance. Ask and you shall receive; and Mike became a Born-Again Christian (Catholic) in 1990.

Re-born, Mike was compelled to share his Scriptural based facts with non-believers as well as fellow Christians, particularly Roman Catholics.

While on an extended business trip in the Gulf Coast region of Texas and Louisiana, Mike was called to pen TRUTH TO POWER.

At a chemical plant in Orange, Texas he met and befriended a fellow Christian, electrical engineer and spiritual author by the name of Dale M. Presley.

It was through Dale’s book, “Way Truth: Life ~ Revelation of the Creator LORD Jesus Christ”, and Dale’s minister, Reverend Ray Blundell, that Mike was inspired to act on his deep desire to be truly faithful to the written Word of God. In doing so, Mike was properly Believer Baptized in early February of 1998 at the First Baptist Church of Bevil Oaks, Texas.

A week prior to his Believer’s Baptism, Reverend Blundell and Dale asked Mike why he wanted to remain a Catholic? Without hesitation, he replied. “One; French family tradition dating back to the days of the Huguenots; two, why throw the baby out with the bath water; and three, he felt a calling to minister within the Catholic Church.”

Based on that reply, his Believer’s Baptism was scheduled for the following Sunday.

A decade later, Mike and his wife, Diana, were both adult believer Baptized (they were baby Baptized as Catholics) in Israel’s Jordan River, in a location where historians agree was the same location where Christ was Baptized by John the Baptist. While the River Jordan was Mike’s second adult believer Baptism, it was Diana’s first adult believer Baptism….all praise, honor, and glory be to God.


Chapter One


“Seven Letters”, An Introduction


In the opening chapter of Revelation, John the Apostle had a vision of Jesus Christ walking among and ministering to seven churches. These churches existed inAsia Minoras John penned Revelations.

The logical question, why the number seven, is clearly answered in Revelation 1:4.


“John to the seven churches which are in

Asia: Grace be unto you, and peace, from

him which is, and which was, and which

is to come; and from THE SEVEN SPIRITS


“The seven spirits which are before His throne” is the complete, seven-fold manifestation of the omnipresent Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit in all of His fullness, Who is seen here waiting to do God’s bidding. “Seven” is the Biblical number of perfection, completeness and fullness.

In Isaiah 11:2, talking about the coming of Christ in all of His fullness, there are SEVEN designations for the Holy Spirit:

–          The Spirit of the Lord

–          The Spirit of wisdom

–          The Spirit of understanding

–          The Spirit of counsel

–          The Spirit of might

–          The Spirit of knowledge

–          The Spirit of the fear of the Lord


The Lord used John to write a salutation to these seven churches. The contents of the letters are in Revelation chapters 1-3, and reveal the following pattern:

–          A salutation to the individual church to whom Christ is writing.

–          Identification of the writer, Jesus Christ.

–          Assertion of Christ’s intimate knowledge of each church.

–          Commendation towards the good of the church.

–          Rebuke towards the bad of the church.

–          A command on how to rectify the wrong.



All of the seven churches actually existed in Asia Minor when John wrote the book of Revelation (95-96 AD). These were not the largest nor the best known churches in Asia Minor. They were specifically chosen by Christ because:

–          The “seven” churches means they represent, collectively, the full and complete church of Jesus Christ at any one time as well as for all of the church age.

–          Each and every local church of all time has predominant characteristics that make it fall into the category of one of the seven churches.

–          Each and every church member of all time falls primarily into a category characterized by each of the seven churches.

–          The predominant characteristic of each succeeding phase of the entire church age is revealed by each of the churches in the order they are addressed.


Note that the predominant characteristic of each church is determined by the primary relationship of the church’s governing leadership to Jesus Christ. Each and every church is a combination of good and evil as taught by the parable of the wheat and tares of Matthew 13.


The primary characteristic of each of these featured churches defines every church member, every local church, every church period of all time, and the whole church age as a dispensational segment of time when God works with man through the church of Jesus Christ. This is why these special seven local churches were chosen from the many that existed at the time, to be the initial recipients of this letter.

Paul said in 1 Corinthians 9:22. “I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some.” The Greek word for church is “ecclesia” which means “the called out ones”.


The true church is neither a denomination or a steepled building. The true church consists of saved Gospel-hearers. Christians are to be a willingly “called-out” peculiar people for the sake of Christ and for the sake of others to whom we are a witness. That we are to be “peculiar” implies that the vast majority of people must be far different in comparison to us.


No matter how much the Gospel of Christ is proclaimed, vast multitudes will never respond to it. Knowing this, we must not get discouraged when we toil for Christ and no one seems to respond.


As Jesus said in Matthew 7:13-14: “Wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many are those who enter through it. For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.”


Christ is calling, from the mass of humanity of all time, “some” for a personal, intimate relationship with Him in this life and eternal life in heaven with Him. Since God is not a respecter of persons, Christ does not care who answers the call, but only that one answers, (John 17:9).

When God calls, every Gospel-hearer makes his own choice to either repent of the sin of which he is convicted and believe in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior or refuse to do so. Therefore, anyone finding himself in hell will have no one to blame but himself. The danger of hearing the Gospel is that repeated rejection of such a clear revelation of God’s will for one’s life guarantees that one will be lost. For all are responsible to God for what they know in this life and will be judged accordingly (Luke 12:48).

Christ’s special purpose in writing these letters is to warn everyone falsely claiming to be members of His church of the coming time of great tribulation upon the earth and of the eternal consequences of their decision about Him in this life. But, more importantly, these letters are meant to comfort those who are truly His. For these letters promise that although believers will suffer for Christ’s name in this life, they will not have to go through the complete seven-year great Tribulation on this unregenerate earth. These letters also provide glimpses of the marvelous Millennial Kingdom and eternal heaven (“new Jerusalem”) that await believers when the seven-year great Tribulation is over.



Chapter Two


“Seven Churches” Time-Line

As stated in Chapter One, “Seven Letters, An Introduction”, all of the noted seven churches were in existence at the time John penned the book of Revelation, as well as being representative of ALL the churches of ALL times.

The purpose of the following time-line is to illustrate the following:

-The subject church name and  its scriptural location within the book of Revelation.

-The subject church representative era within the overall church history time-line.

-The subject church era characteristics.

-The subject church noteworthy historical facts of its related era.


30 AD  through  590 AD

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