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A Grand Jury Thriller

How would you like to have a serial killer on your County Grand Jury … hmmm?

Brace yourself, for it happens in newly released Grand Jury Thriller, “Checkmate”,  by author Michael Pinchot, who was, in fact, Alternate Juror No. 2 on the subject Orange County, California’s, 2014-15 Grand Jury.


 Retired Doctor of Physics Frank Somers, credited with eight murder-rapes to date under the DA assigned moniker “Checkmate”, laughed aloud as he turned away from his home-office computer, after studying the application requirements for the Orange County Grand Jury.

With empty wine glass in hand, he mocks aloud the County’s highly touted vetting process as he moved toward his wet-bar for a refill.

“Finger prints required … of course, of course … but no DNA swab … what a fucking joke.”

“Mary Mary and JFK”

Available through Amazon in hardcover, paperback, and e-book  along with my previous two books.

The book was released in time for the 2013 50th anniversary of  the JFK assassination.

  From the book jacket:

JFK was immediately and forever smitten by Mary Pinchot, she was sixteen, and he was nineteen. In time, he would become President of the United States and be assassinated, and she, as his intimate lover throughout his presidency, would be murdered ten months after Jack, upon release of the Warren Commission Report ….a clear CIA hit.

Jack returned home from WWII as a physically damaged PT109 decorated war hero, only to find that the girl who had occupied his thoughts while overseas, had wed Cord Meyer, also a decorated war hero who had lost an eye in the Battle of Guam.

Read of their pre-presidential parallel lives, their destined intimacy, and why she was the only woman Jack ever loved, including his own mother. Find out, beyond a failed assassination, how their love affair evolved into a First-Couple divorce and re-marriage….until death they do not part.

“MARY, MARY and JFK” is a two-part book, under one cover. Part I (covers up through the evening before the assassination) is non-fiction with upwards of 400 footnotes, while Part II (covers from the morning of the assassination forward) is fiction, answering the compelling questions: What would have happened if JFK had not been assassinated, and Mary Pinchot-Meyer had not been murdered over what she knew and journalized within her personal tell-all diary….which was illegally confiscated by the CIA before her body was cold?

*          *          *          *

I have two additional published works to my credit:

PANAMANIAN TUNDRA”, the only Trans Alaska Pipeline novel of global proportions, 590 pages.

TRUTH TO POWER: The Pope Has No Clothes”, a Scriptural litmus test of selected Roman Catholic Church dogma and doctrine, 110 pages. With the advent of the new Pope, “Papa Frank”, the book has suddenly become very relevant and will be re-published with a banner across the existing cover…. “Papa Frank Is Fully Clothed”