“PATTAYA  M.I.A.”, A Vietnam deserter, listed as an M.I.A., has lived a secret life for over thirty-years in Pattaya, Thailand, as a beach-front bar owner, with his Thai wife, stepdaughter, and son … until all hell breaks loose. Michael lived two-years in Pattaya, Thailand, while on a work assignment. 

 “THE MOORGATE WELL CLUB”, The private below street level club, adjacent to the London Underground Moorgate station (a mere weapon’s throw from Jack The Ripper’s hunting grounds), proves as a great cover for an American ex-pat serial killer on assignment in London with his California based global Petro-Chemical engineering & construction company. Michael lived two-years in London, while on a work assignment. 

A stage play …“HOLY SATIRE:  The Maker’s Dozen and Their Daily Bread”, A stage play, revealing the “gang of 13’s” humor while kicking the can down the road between “miracle and preaching gigs”.
Although irreverent, as satire must be, unlike the stage play “The Book Of Mormons” it maintains a respectable air of dignity, due the Written Word, as the reader-viewer takes a satirical walk with Christ, and his dozen, through the Scriptures.