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Official Photos from my new book release, Mary Mary.. and JFK

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WEDDING BELLS April 19, 1945, At the Pinchot Park Avenue, New York, apartment; Mary Pinchot and Cord Meyer, Jr. were twenty-four and seemed perfect for each other.
VIEW OF CRIME SCENE View of the C&O Canal towpath that the witnesses to Mary’s murder had from 4401 Canal Road, where the mysterious disappearing Nash Rambler was stalled.
“THE LOVELIEST WOMEN IN AMERICA” ROSAMOND PINCHOT “The Loveliest Woman in America: A Tragic Actress, Her Lost Diaries, and Her Granddaughter’s Search for Home”, by Gaston, Bibi (2009), HarperCollins.
SISTERS MARY (r) and ANTOINETTE “TONY” (l) PINCHOT Socialite daughters of Amos and Ruth Pinchot were 1929 advocates of Cream of Wheat.
Mary’s Mother RUTH PICKERING PINCHOT (6-20-1893 New York ~ 12-24-1984 New York) Daughter of wealthy businessman, Vassar Graduate, journalist of The Masses, The Nation, New Republic, and very active in the labor movement and women’s suffrage.
ROSAMOND PINCHOT (10-26-1904 ~ 1-24-1938) Rosamond Pinchot was Mary Pinchot’s half sister by her father’s first marriage to Gertrude Minturn Pinchot; she was a socialite, stage and screen actress. Rosamond took her own life by carbon monoxide poisoning.
VIEW OF CRIME SCENE Washington DC resident Ray Crump, the alleged murdered of Mary Pinchot-Meyer.
NORMA JEANE MORTENSON (AKA, MARILYN MONROE) (6-1-1926, Los Angeles, CA ~ 8-5-1962, Brentwood, CA) Alleged suicide by Barbiturate overdose. John and Robert Kennedy have been at the center of one of several conspiracy theories surrounding her death.
MURDER IN GEORGETOWN The crime scene on the C&O Canal towpath within thirty minutes after the murder of Mary Pinchot-Meyer on October, 12, 1964.
Mr. & Mrs. Aristotle Onassis Wedding Bells November-11-1968 Ari and Jackie were married on his private Greek island of Scorpios; the newlyweds are shown seated at the reception held aboard his private yacht Christina O immediately following the wedding. Arguably, her marriage to Aristotle was the biggest mistakes in her life.
MODEL, MARY PINCHOT With Vogue As a glamorous New York debutante, in 1938
MICHAEL PINCHOT MEYER Michael’s gravestone at the Pinchot family plot in the Milford, Pennsylvania, Cemetery; he lies next to his mother Mary Pinchot Meyer.
MARY PINCHOT-MEYER Mary Pinchot-Meyer at President Kennedy’s 46th birthday party on May 19, 1963, aboard the presidential yacht Sequoia
MARY PINCHOT-MEYER As CIA wife and mother
MARY PINCHOT-MEYER ABSTRACT – CARICATURE PAINTING Abstract-caricature painting of Mary Pinchot-Meyer by famous German artist Johanna Vogelsang (6-18-1929 ~ 12-1-1911).
Mary’s Uncle GIFFORD PINCHOT Yale graduate, member and senior year president of the Skull & Bones Society. Two time governor of Pennsylvania, 1923-27 and 1931-35. 4th Chief of Forestry, 1898-1905, under William McKinley, and Theodore Roosevelt, and 1st Chief of the United States Forest Service (founder), 1905-10, under Theodore Roosevelt, and Howard Taft.
MARY & JACK’S SPLIT PENDANTS Mary’s design sketch of her and Jack’s split pendant necklaces. An Italian jeweler crafted the pendants from this sketch.
James Jesus Angleton (12-9-1917, Boise ID ~ 5-12-1987 Washington, DC) CIA Counter Intelligence Chief, James Angleton led the illegal entry into Mary’s home to confiscate her tell-all diary.
“CHRISTINA O” Anchored in port of Aristotle Onassis’ private Greek island of Scorpios is his 325 foot yacht Christina O.

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