Truth To Power

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A Scriptural litmus test of selected major Roman Catholic Church dogma/doctrine, by a life long, practicing Catholic and born again Christian.

A must read for all Catholics and Christians of all denominations:

For Catholics, be they searching for the truth, or those who simply believe because that is what they have always been told.

For the balance of Christians, in order that they become better enlightened in the actual facts of Catholicism and, therefore, be more effective while ministering to Catholics, as opposed to the all too frequent ignorance based shallow and ineffective bashing.

A pre-Pearl Harbor, World War II baby boomer, Michael is a product of a strong, traditional, mid-western, blue collar, French-Danish-Irish, Catholic family. His grandmother Severson spent over two years sequestered in an up-state New York convent in a fruitless pursuit to become a Catholic nun. Baptized a Catholic within days of his Sioux City, Iowa birth, Mike received Holy Communion and was Confirmed before moving to California. He was educated within the parochial school system, served as an altar boy and was an active Boy Scout and athlete.

Mike and his wife Diana, nee Bouchard, graduated together from Mater Dei Catholic High School of Orange County, California. They raised three children, all products of parochial school, and, to date, have been blessed with five grandchildren.

In his journey through adulthood, Mike’s commitment to Catholicism was a stereotypical ebb-and-flow of a born and raised Catholic. With a probing thread of ‘why’ genetically woven tightly into the very fabric of his character, Mike instinctively embarked on a mid-life, decade-long inquisition, weighing the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church against that of the written Word of God.

As the years passed, his research broadened and intensified, as did his prayers to the Holy Spirit for wisdom, strength and guidance. Ask and you shall receive; and Mike became a Born-Again Christian (Catholic) in 1990. Re-born, Mike was compelled to share his Scriptural based facts with non-believers as well as fellow Christians, particularly Roman Catholics. While on an extended business trip in the Gulf Coast region of Texas and Louisiana, Mike was called to pen Truth to Power.

At a chemical plant in Orange, Texas he met and befriended a fellow Christian, electrical engineer and spiritual author by the name of Dale M. Presley. It was through Dale’s book, ‘Way Truth: Life Revelation of the Creator LORD Jesus Christ’, and Dale’s minister, Reverend Ray Blundell, that Mike was inspired to act on his deep desire to be truly faithful to the written Word of God. In doing so, Mike was properly Believer Baptized in early February of 1998 at the First Baptist Church of Bevil Oaks, Texas.

A week prior to his Believer’s Baptism, Reverend Blundell and Dale asked Mike why he wanted to remain a practicing Catholic? Without hesitation, he replied. ‘One, family tradition dating back to the days of the Huguenots, two, why throw the baby out with the bath water and, three, he felt a calling to minister within the Catholic Church.’

Based on that reply, his Believer’s Baptism was scheduled for the following Sunday.